The right ambiance can make or break an evening.


Musically, you want material that’s engaging, diverse, interesting and authentic. You also want it to ebb and flow with the event.


For me, there’s a certain type of instrumental guitar playing that works. You find it everywhere from Johnny Cash and The Black Crowes to Jason Mraz and The Tragically Hip. There’s a lyrical and rhythmic diversity that accommodates everything from a fine dinner to an upbeat party.


I have a playlist of over 300 songs, so you can customize everything however you’d like.

Dave's birthdayI hired Terry  for my husband's birthday party. Do you know the sign of a successful party? The fact that everyone, all 35 people in attendance, were dancing all night! Terry's choice of music and the delightful banter between the two entertainers made it, and I quote, "The best party I have ever been to in my life."  If you are looking to create an upscale yet homey venue for your next important event, hire Terry. Your guests will rave about that night for a very long time.